Who Are You?: A Guy called Russ

Where Are You?: In Worksop on the edge of Nottinghamshire

What Are You?: A bunch of bones and stuff held together with a protective skin

What do you make?: A mess also websites, children (x2)

What do you love?: My Kids - My Wife - Julian Cope - Paul Simpson - Bill Nelson - Sunderland FC

What do you hate?: My Kids - My Wife - Julian Cope - Paul Simpson - Bill Nelson - Sunderland FC and a bunch of other stuff!

What do you listen to?: Life - Music (Cope - Wild Swans -Skyray - The Eels - REM)

What do you watch?: People - Mars Attacks - 51st State - some TV

What do you drink?: What have you got!

What do you smoke?: The odd Fag!

What do you take?: Most things in the past, now the odd smoke

What do you believe in?: ME

When We Were 16

Where were you?: On a high in 1980

What were you?: Punk - New Romantic

What did you wear?: Anything and everything

What did you listen to?: Punk - New Wave - Electronic

What did you watch?: Those crap US bubblegum films! not the nine o'clock news

What did you love?: Girls - Music - Holidays

What did you hate?: Not much!

What did you drink?: Everything in large amounts

What did you smoke?: too much of everything

What did you take?: LSD - Speed - Blue's - Valium - Coke

What did you want to be?: A pop star

Who did you fight?: I didn't I think I was to laid back!

Who/What did you believe in?: Life - Me - My Mates - Julian Cope - Ford Prefect - Arthur Dent

Where did you go?: Clubs Retford Porterhouse - Sheffield Limit - Liverpool Eric's - Ibiza - Corfu - Blackpool?

What did you learn?: Everything about life and how to live it! (someone should write a sog about that! Ha Ha...

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