Who Are You?: Sandy

Where Are You?: In my 8th floor apartment in Eugene, Oregon

What Are You?: a soul, a creative being

What do you make?: paintings, poems, writings, drawings, coffee, vegan food, people think abut thier soul

What do you love?: people's souls, music, art, beauty, idealism, technology,minimalism, love, dreaming.....sunshine

What do you hate?: real life people who are monsters, fear, elitist, butt rock, almost all radio stations that play the same thing for the past 20 years (scary), all my bad memories,war, greed

What do you listen to?: house music, God,eels, him, fat boy slim,david bowie,vast, nirvana, lemonheads,paper tulips, oswald 5-0, Jillian ann, dead can dance, spiritualized, joy division, massive attack, pj harvey,human league, the sadness in the world

What do you watch?: movies, people, my dreams come true

What do you drink?: water, wine, coffee, sometimes good beer, knowledge

What do you smoke?: 1 american spirit @ bedtime sometimes a chocolate cream ciggarett

What do you take?: a little of everything as in what people give, life gives some negative some posative, french, design, philosophy, writing.

What do you believe in?: energy(soul, god)and that we are all connected not in a smothering way but just enough to be extremely powerful

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Arizona What were you?: A very strong person who assumed people would be good to her like she was to them

What did you wear?: mostly shorts and skirts, sandles and tank tops I was sort of mod

What did you listen to?: punk and rock new wave

What did you watch?: movies,mtv,my friends make fools of themselves

What did you love?: I loved to exersize,shop hang out with my friends Bambi,Sandi,Heather, Brian, Scott, Timmy, Reagan etc.... swim,go to the river, laying out in the sun with my headphones was my favourite thing

What did you hate?: the fact that i felt i didnt belong anywhere,my home town

What did you drink?: California coolers, big gulps filled with pepsi

What did you smoke?: did not smoke cigarettes (smoked pot little but it didnt agree with me so i quit)

What did you take?: some pills my dad had in his briefcase, whole package of benydril, a ton of tylenol...

What did you want to be?: an interior decorator or a spy or travel agent

Who did you fight?: my many demons, my sister (not physically) my dad

Who/What did you believe in?: God, exersize, idealism, friendship

Where did you go?: parties out in the desert, ocean beach california, modeling school

What did you learn?: i guess nothing because i got involved in a very abusive relationship after that, but at modeling school i learned not to be so damb shy

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