Who Are You?: a person born in 1962, happy but unfulfilled

Where Are You?: portland maine usa..........

What Are You?: i just quit my job friday to move to italy in 3 weks

What do you make?: you mean art? things out of others mone? i waste it but make a lot

What do you love?: music girls musickygirls

What do you hate?: people or scenes that d0ont see beyond that next set of trees that which takes and doesnt give selfishness

What do you listen to?: gabor szabo. clash. new order. tell me you couldnt get off once in a while to the sound track to sat nite live.royksopp. dandy warhols

What do you watch?: reality or the avengers

What do you drink?: used to drink a lot more, but vodka or good wine

What do you smoke?: dont

What do you take?: whatcha got? pain pills is best ways now

What do you believe in?: that sometimes i can feel good and hope that all of this will be worth it no matter where you go there you are but , just once i want someone to be there with me and appreciate how beautiful the world can be. she(now) who really loves me will never get it

When We Were 16

Where were you?: smashing mail boxes out of drive bys in cars schmokin' weed living at private school barely ever kissed a girl

What were you?: played all sports but never started.. got shiitty grades travelled a lot

What did you wear?: corduroys

What did you listen to?: sixties music loved all o the Monkees and alice cooper and ELP

What did you watch?: happy days

What did you love?: driving fast cars we had a bunch of cool cars my grandparents

What did you hate?: not being able to concentrate

What did you drink?: rum and coke

What did you smoke?: pot

What did you take?: valium

What did you want to be?: unafraid

Who did you fight?: that voice inside me and he has never fucking left

Who/What did you believe in?: i believed that somehow i would be found to be a genius. i mean everybody thinks im so wicked smart and you know but i never get past ME

Where did you go?: europe africa

What did you learn?: we all bleed red

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