Who Are You?: john

Where Are You?: chicago

What Are You?: home on a friday night

What do you make?: waste; art; boffo mix cds

What do you love?: lake superior; the first glimpse of a buzz

What do you hate?: religious extremism

What do you listen to?: kilck and klack melodic electro and anything from the murky and sad north of 80's england

What do you watch?: Robert Altman, Almodovar, The Daily Show

What do you drink?: right now? well, it's a Bell's Amber Ale.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro and pot

What do you take?: nada

What do you believe in?: that life, this moment, is the precarious moment in between the inner world--molecules and atoms and everything small--and the ever expanding universe.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in my bedroom, wisconsin, lying on my bed, staring at the light fixture. for hours.

What were you?: closeted gay and hating school.

What did you wear?: the usual middle class preppy crap

What did you listen to?: the clash, the (english) beat, and supertramp when i wanted to forget that i was growing older

What did you watch?: battle of the network stars, and SCTV

What did you love?: going to ludwig van ear, a record store in milwaukee, with my friend dave in his volkswagen. them closing the store and letting us listen to anything we wanted

What did you hate?: wealthy, self-satisfied suburban living

What did you drink?: coca cola

What did you smoke?: i was clean, maan

What did you take?: nada

What did you want to be?: an architect.

Who did you fight?: my brother. was and still is an ass

Who/What did you believe in?: anything from england. anything that wasn't american

Where did you go?: down to lake michigan to throw rocks at the ice.

What did you learn?: not sure--i got cynical very young. it's all about un-learning now.

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