Who Are You?: Puzzld

Where Are You?: The Las Vegas of The North

What Are You?: Content and slightly drunk

What do you make?: CO2 and other assorted gases

What do you love?: Absurdity

What do you hate?: Celery

What do you listen to?: music that resonates with my brain

What do you watch?: my ever fluctuating weight

What do you drink?: Wine, Whiskey, Whisky and Gin. And Vodka.

What do you smoke?: nowt

What do you take?: time and flax-seed oil.

What do you believe in?: the inate greed of humankind and that we can eventually grow out of it. (Yeah, yeah, I know, another fucking hippy!)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Stoke-on-Trent

What were you?: shy

What did you wear?: Denim and Leather, but not necessarily in that order

What did you listen to?: ROCK

What did you watch?: girls

What did you love?: see above x2

What did you hate?: boys

What did you drink?: Tuborg Gold, 39p a can from the "drug store"

What did you smoke?: Rosebay Willowherb stems - I don't recommend it.

What did you take?: Too much time

What did you want to be?: Happier

Who did you fight?: Mods/Skins although I usually got pulped.

Who/What did you believe in?: The power of Rock to unite the world in a Union of Apathy

Where did you go?: The Woods

What did you learn?: That I was shit at relationships. I'm still trying to improve that aspect of my ever-lovely personality.

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