Who Are You?: ian simpson

Where Are You?: aberdeen, scotland

What Are You?: a collection of atoms staring at a collection of pixels

What do you make?: inconsistent poetic acoustic noise (@ www.lofimusic.co.uk)

What do you love?: simple gestures

What do you hate?: irritation

What do you listen to?: a lot of local music (some more than others: sidca, hookers green #1, sal for example), any wma i can get off epitonic

What do you watch?: a lot of mind numbing soap opera, bbc2

What do you drink?: 50% water, 45% wine, 4% beer, 1% orange squash

What do you smoke?: bacon

What do you take?: samples without permission, all the cheese in the fridge (still)

What do you believe in?: santa claus, ghosts, ufos and jimny cricket.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: aberdeen, scotland

What were you?: a nervous, shy schoolboy about to become a nervous, shy university student.

What did you wear?: i was not a fashionista.

What did you listen to?: hmm. nirvana probably, L7, sonic youth, alice in chains. i was quite narrow minded.

What did you watch?: probably the same junk i do now.

What did you love?: solitude.

What did you hate?: sunlight.

What did you drink?: 80% fizzy drinks, 15% beer, 5% water

What did you smoke?: peanut skins?! 5 packs of regal filters.

What did you take?: all the cheese in the fridge before late night furtive four track recording sessions.

What did you want to be?: a computer programmer cum rock star.

Who did you fight?: usually people bigger than me. it didn't happen often and i don't ever recall coming out on top.

Who/What did you believe in?: i was a teenager.

Where did you go?: one week in south of france during summer. otherwise nowhere.

What did you learn?: i cannot windsurf or snorkel.

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