Who Are You?: 24 yr old mohicanned middle class white man drifting through mind-numbing temp jobs in offices

Where Are You?: Home, which is Sale, Manchester.

What Are You?: introverted, repressed, afraid, some good stuff too I guess.

What do you make?: people happy occasionally, I hope. The odd peice of poetry of untested literary merit.

What do you love?: a lady who's really all right here and now. Unattainable but a close friend - whoops. Literature. The Truth (whatever it is)

What do you hate?: I try not to...but actually, seeing as you ask; ignorance that pretends to be wisdom, ideas and sensations dressed up as art, cynicism that pretends to be scepticism, rushing things...oh, and P. Neville

What do you listen to?: the good stuff. Mostly new (as opposed to contemporary), underground and weird. Recently, Asian Dub Foundation, Asa Chang & Junray, Harry Belafonte, Bomb 20, Rancid and a special mention for Social Distortion - the sound of The Truth.

What do you watch?: Kung Fu, funny things, football, my life pass me by.

What do you drink?: water. alcohol, but not too much

What do you smoke?: the demon weed. too much

What do you take?: my time

What do you believe in?: that there's some higher force linking it all together. What it is, what it's doing, its relevance to me as an individual and how I live my life...no, no beliefs there yet.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Er, yeah; that would be right here in the same place. Look! There goes my life, passing me by...

What were you?: a loner, shy, bewildered by the desire felt by most kids to create and fit into a tribal hierarchy.

What did you wear?: it didn't seem that important - stuff my mum bought mostly. I've never really seen my clothes as an extension of my personality.

What did you listen to?: punk, rock, METALLL! G'N'R, Therapy?, Pitchshifter. OK, I hold my hands up - Def Leppard.

What did you watch?: X-files, football, freakazoid, pinky & the brain

What did you love?: Literature, with a particular fondness for sci-fi. And yes, sci-fi can be serious literature, although rarely among the finest.

What did you hate?: expectations

What did you drink?: really crap, horrible stuff 'cause I didn't know any better. Super Strongbow, Skol (imagine retching sounds here)

What did you smoke?: just beginning the great weed adventure

What did you take?: my time

What did you want to be?: a writer

Who did you fight?: I'm not much of a fighter and wasn't then. I had no faith from which to assert myself - no change there then.

Who/What did you believe in?: I was patiently waiting to find out. Somehow I thought I would when I 'grew up'.

Where did you go?: round to Chris's place, my second home from way back

What did you learn?: subtlety, to not try and understand things all at once

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