Who Are You?: I'm not sure I've got any good answer to that at the moment.

Where Are You?: Manchester, in a tiny, tiny room. (Manchester doesn't seem as big as I thought it was you know.)

What Are You?: A very negative person, I've had to go through this and take out the depressing stuff. Oh and I'm a postgrad student

What do you make?: A lot of superfluous commentary on culture.

What do you love?: Glasgow, books, a few good freinds, getting lost and finding my way back

What do you hate?: Burberry baseball caps. White walls and minimalist furnishings.

What do you listen to?: Just today I've been listening to a lot of Nick Drake, tomorrow I'm buying the new Belle & Sebastian, so I'll be listening to that. Changes as often as my mood, sorry I'm a fickle old soul.

What do you watch?: My weight

What do you drink?: Coffee and orange juice

What do you smoke?: Not a thing

What do you take?: Vitamin suppliments

What do you believe in?: Less and less as time passes

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At Shawlands Academy

What were you?: Terrified

What did you wear?: A naty line in duffle coats and anoraks.

What did you listen to?: A load of shite

What did you watch?: My back

What did you love?: That most of the people who made my life a misery left the minute they turned 16

What did you hate?: The one's who weren't old enough to leave yet

What did you drink?: Coffee and orange juice (I never drank alchohol until I was 18 and I've been drunk 5 times since I turned 21 which isn't yesterday anymore)

What did you smoke?: Nothing (never have smoked a damn thing, too clean living for my own damn good)

What did you take?: No chances

What did you want to be?: Someone a lot more interesting

Who did you fight?: No one I'm a big coward

Who/What did you believe in?: I don't remeber believing in anything

Where did you go?: The library. the arcade. the park. salvation sounds. the secondhand book and comic shop on Springhill gardens. the bookpedelar. the health food store, when did the shawlands burger king open? used to go there sometimes, especially during the BSE scare when they didn't care how long you stayed or how little you bought.

What did you learn?: Standing out makes you a target

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