Who Are You?: still looking

Where Are You?: michigan

What Are You?: a mom who is really a child looking for a way to grow up

What do you make?: i like to make brownies and cookies but never do because i really shouldn't

What do you love?: i wonder...

What do you hate?: tight shoes

What do you listen to?: jack johnson

What do you watch?: larry david...very funny, funny, funny

What do you drink?: i love martinis...and milk...and lattes...and i have just discovered ginger-lemon tea...but martinis make me feel sophisticated

What do you smoke?: i almost put this in the hate category...people who smoke...bleck

What do you take?: photos

What do you believe in?: i believe in happiness and being at peace...i just need to let myself find it

When We Were 16

Where were you?: indiana

What were you?: awkward

What did you wear?: i can't remember...but i think there was some silky polyester going on

What did you listen to?:

What did you watch?:

What did you love?: the idea of being in love

What did you hate?: popular girls

What did you drink?: milk. pop.

What did you smoke?: only did that in the 6th grade...peer pressure. hated the taste but loved the randy feel of it all.

What did you take?:

What did you want to be?: rich, funny, confident. i was actually funny...i needed to be confident in my funniness

Who did you fight?: mom

Who/What did you believe in?:

Where did you go?:

What did you learn?:

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