Who Are You?: i'm sarah. i try to be a hippy indie chick but sometimes i fail.

Where Are You?: i'm at my computer desk, which doesnt really have a home yet but is currently in a corner of my living room, in my house, which i've only lived in for a week, in hyde park, which is in leeds, which is in the north of england, which is in europe.

What Are You?: i'm female. i'm trying to be a hippy indie chick. i'm unstable. i'm vegan.

What do you make?: a mess. i make a lot of mess = ) i also make pictures, photographs. and i make people happy when i give them hugs. i often make people angry too, but that isnt deliberate. i like collaging too.

What do you love?: i love hugs and strokes. and animals. i love pasta bake. i love reading and knowledge and passion and creativity and friendship and cuddles and my little fan heater and hippy indie chicks and dreadlocks and woodlice and hodgehegs and books and sunsets and being happy and feeling alive and loved and wanted.

What do you hate?: i hate intolerance and rubbish and dirt and being depressed and my thighs and shit music and chewing gum and meat and mint and hatred itself. i hate inequality and laziness and lack of enthusiasm and people who talk about you behind your back. i hate being told what to do and being given unwanted advice and those people who are willing to waste their life and not live it and make their existence worthwhile.

What do you listen to?: i listen to indie music and things. i don't know what the genres are meant to be called but some bands i like are mercury rev, mclusky, suede, songs:ohia, ooberman, faultline, the rapture, bright eyes, meanwhile back in communist russia, m83, casiotone for the painfully alone.

What do you watch?: i don't. i don't have a tv and i can't afford to go to the cinema much. so often i just watch my computer monitor. and i watch my thighs grow and grow.

What do you drink?: currently, raspberry apple and grape juice. it's lovely. and diet vanilla coke. with alcohol i drink vodka, but i'm not meant to drink alcohol. i'm also fond of hot chocolate recently.

What do you smoke?: i don't smoke cigarettes. occassionally i have a spliff though.

What do you take?: 300mg of venlafaxine hydrochloride a day.

What do you believe in?: love and passion and creativity and hugs and truth. in the equality of all beings and the divinity of nature and the earth and ourselves. in living and experiencing as much as i can. in reincarnation and leaving as small a footprint on the earth as i can but as large a footprint on people as i can. in trying to make people think and in expanding myself and my horizons as far as i can.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in bradford, the town next to leeds.

What were you?: i was depressed. still female. vegetarian. confused. lonely.

What did you wear?: black, black and more black. band tshirts and jeans. barely ever any skirts.

What did you listen to?: manic street preachers and belle and sebastian and hole and marilyn manson and levellers and suede and pulp.

What did you watch?: the simpsons and dennis the pennis. i don't really remember what else.

What did you love?: the manics. simon. going to rios on friday and getting very drunk.

What did you hate?: myself. my parents. my sociology teacher. being depressed. feeling stuck.

What did you drink?: vodka and coke. or black russians - vodka, tia maria and coke.

What did you smoke?: benson and hedges.

What did you take?: i don't think i was on medication at the time.

What did you want to be?: happy. away from my family.

Who did you fight?: my family. myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in the lack of divinity. i believed i'd end up dead rather soon. that everyone hated me. well i still do believe that i suppose.

Where did you go?: i went to rios. and i went to simon's house. i went to bradford college.

What did you learn?: i learnt about sociological matters. i learnt how to criticise and anylize a media text. hmm, facinating stuff, eh?

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