Who Are You?: Marilyn

Where Are You?: Columbia Maryland USA

What Are You?: a girl. mean. smarter than you.

What do you make?: coffee for spending money.

What do you love?: performance artists. words. catholicism.

What do you hate?: most people. ignorance. the government.

What do you listen to?: Manic Street Preachers

What do you watch?: my surroundings.

What do you drink?: what's available.

What do you smoke?: nothing. damn straight.

What do you take?: everything too seriously.

What do you believe in?: happiness isn't the greatest achievement to work towards. the intensity of emotions.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Clarksville Maryland USA

What were you?: a girl. angsty fuck. sad.

What did you wear?: bondage pants and thrift store t-shirts, because I was THAT cool. my heart on my sleeve.

What did you listen to?: Manic Street Preachers

What did you watch?: too much television

What did you love?: my cat

What did you hate?: people. THE MAN. animal exploitation.

What did you drink?: nothing.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: nothing seriously enough.

What did you want to be?: a bag lady.

Who did you fight?: THE MAN. oh and a kid in my English class. one shove. I'm not an aggressive person.

Who/What did you believe in?: not a hell of a lot.

Where did you go?: high school, and europe.

What did you learn?: not enough. high school sucks ass, I learned that. a little late.

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