Who Are You?: my name is David Longshaw

Where Are You?: Wolverhampton

What Are You?: Graphics student

What do you make?: Sweet Love

What do you love?: Sweet Love

What do you hate?: Mean People...people that try to hurt those i love. I also hate people who say monkey a lot...wot is it about that word that everyone thinks is so funny...losers

What do you listen to?: big star, low, braid, shellac, spy versus spy, the donnas, guitarwolf, 18 wheeler, john fahey

What do you watch?: The simpsons, hollyoaks, sanders and seinfeld, anything that has a list

What do you drink?: Ale and milk and orange juice and pepsi

What do you smoke?: Soyals...20 a day...arrrgh

What do you take?: i used to take guitar lessons

What do you believe in?: i dont believe in beatles i just believe in me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: stoke-on-trent

What were you?: 6th form student

What did you wear?: converse...the cure t shirts and skinny ass jeans

What did you listen to?: the cure,the smiths,nirvana,sugar,buffallo tom,the stone roses,happy mondays,julian cope

What did you watch?: neighbors

What did you love?: my girlfriend(1st love...aw shucks!)

What did you hate?: the government

What did you drink?: white cider mixed with cherryade and vodka and orange...oh and the mighty ALTRA

What did you smoke?: Embassy No1

What did you take?: i took it easy

What did you want to be?: a musician/music journalist/artist

Who did you fight?: the power

Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in my friends

Where did you go?: i went downhill

What did you learn?: no matter how much of a twat you are to yr parents...they will always love you

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