Who Are You?: A person that loves and wants to be loved!

Where Are You?: Birmingham, England.

What Are You?: Somebody that has to make the best of things.

What do you make?: I do not make anything other than try to make other people happy!

What do you love?: I love my Family,Golf,Friends,Drink,Pastels,SEA URCHINS,DELTA,Razorcuts,Field Mice,Brighter,SweetestAche,MBV,JAMC and Bobby G.

What do you hate?: I can honestly say I do not hate anything except people who are not True to Themselves.

What do you listen to?: I listen to Trembling Blue Stars,Cudgels,Proctors,Field Mice,Brighter etc.

What do you watch?: I watch little on TV but a lot What's goin'on'

What do you drink?: I drink Lager in Summer and Guinness in Winter! Tea,milk no sugar all year round.

What do you smoke?: I does not smoke!

What do you take?: To my shame The Daily Mail!

What do you believe in?: Let's all just try to get along!

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Birmingham , England.

What were you?: A schoolboy/would be football hooligan!

What did you wear?: Farah trousers,Kappa,Adidas.......... you know the rest.

What did you listen to?: Surprisingly for knife wielding maniacs we had a good taste in music...Slick RICK and Grandmaster Flash with a little Diana Ross!

What did you watch?: Our Backs!

What did you love?: Dancing,Girls,Fighting,football and each other.

What did you hate?: The fact that we knew it would never last!

What did you drink?: Lager and not much else.

What did you smoke?: I does not smoke.

What did you take?: Looking back we took the best of the bad times.

What did you want to be?: I wanted to be a Professional Golfer.

Who did you fight?: Looking back I wish I had fought more! nOONE!

Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in love......still do!

Where did you go?: Youth club

What did you learn?: I did not learn a single thing until my first days work in a Building Society when I literally wanted to die!!! Thankfully I got through it but I still feel I probably didn't learn a single thing at school.

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