Who Are You?: David Scott Stone

Where Are You?: South Pasadena CA

What Are You?: A friend, uncomfortable americian, musician.

What do you make?: Tapes and tapes of riffs and macrobiotic dishes.

What do you love?: My friends who travle to LA to play and see me. Traveling around the world getting to playing music. Experiences. Cooking. Learning from a new love, tea, well fitting clothing, 45s, LPs.

What do you hate?: The Eagles... and that some of the things I love are bad for me

What do you listen to?: 11/03 Sonic Youth, unwound, Television, Quixotic, Oasis, Beatles, Slits, Stone Roses, Swans, Stones, Impressions, Max Nuehaus, Prince Far I, DNA, eno, Kraftwerk, Raincoats, Smiths, Mars.

What do you watch?: Herzog, Goddard, Jarmush(dead man is my favorite)

What do you drink?: Saki

What do you smoke?: done with that

What do you believe in?: Music makes this world positive.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Sun Valley CA

What were you?: A kid in this peforming arts group with other childern. We did shows with Neil Diamond and Dion Warwick(true story).

What did you wear?: Polished cotton until I discovered sonic youth, the Death Valley 69 film, then it was long sleve button down shirts and other thrift store finds.

What did you listen to?: Classic rock like Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Who, and Beatles. Then I heard SY Starpower and found out about cool American bands.

What did you watch?: I was out a lot so I didn't really watch too much TV at that point, so I guess just lots of people and insects.

What did you love?: Iistening to music and imagining being in a band. Punk/goth girls(but sad luck with them).

What did you hate?: School Me...

What did you drink?: Southern Comfort w/Cola. Vodka w/OJ. anything cheap.

What did you smoke?: Very strong pot, clove cigrarettes.

What did you take?: Codine or any other kind of downer I could get my hands on.

What did you want to be?: Some sort of entertainer other than a mime or juggler.

Who did you fight?: Me, and my dad.

Who/What did you believe in?: Keith Richards

Where did you go?: I would spend alot of time at my grandmothers house.

What did you learn?: I haven't a clue what and when I learned anything at that point.

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