Who Are You?: I'm searching

Where Are You?: In Scotland, in Ayrshire, at my computer

What Are You?: A girl, a teenager, a chambermaid, a faker

What do you make?: beds. coffee, pre-judgements, mistakes.

What do you love?: music

What do you hate?: the barriers in people's minds. the barriers that won't let them or me, be.

What do you listen to?: music, a lot of. spiels (?) of self doubt, pity, affirmation.

What do you watch?: neighbours, expressions, films

What do you drink?: beer, vodka, less nowadays. orange juice, ribena.

What do you smoke?: the occasional joint.

What do you take?: Kalms, sometimes. Shots. Bullshit.

What do you believe in?: God. Music as an art and an education and a religious experience.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Here. But darker, sadder, less than I am now.

What were you?: A schoolgirl who didn't go to school much. A rebel who cared a little too much to be a rebel.

What did you wear?: Baggy jeans. School uniform.

What did you listen to?: Green Day. Lectures. Arsehole boyfriend.

What did you watch?: Neighbours, of course.

What did you love?: Music

What did you hate?: school, aforesaid arsehole boyfriend.

What did you drink?: Vodka, whisky, martini, gin. Anything I could pilfer.

What did you smoke?: Joint.

What did you take?: Nothing.

What did you want to be?: Alone.

Who did you fight?: My parents, school, friends, boyfriend.

Who/What did you believe in?: God. Music.. yadda

Where did you go?: Out on the streets with a Cd player, to stare at the grey and the cars and the rain. Then to school with excuses about dentists appointments and sleeping in. To see my boyfriend in a different country without asking my parents. Home, after four days when they pleaded/ordered on the phone.

What did you learn?: maths, english, german, modern studies. In a sense...

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