Who Are You?: sue

Where Are You?: cincinnati, ohio, usa

What Are You?: growing

What do you make?: jokes and cookies and clothes

What do you love?: sunshine

What do you hate?: watching others eat ice cream

What do you listen to?: twee pop, hip hop, folk rock, glam rock

What do you watch?: the clouds and people passing by

What do you drink?: beer or white zinfandel

What do you smoke?: illegal things (not often)

What do you take?: too much art history

What do you believe in?: l o v e

When We Were 16

Where were you?: standing in a corner at the shopping mall

What were you?: self-absorbed

What did you wear?: too-small sweaters, knickers and the infamous converse

What did you listen to?: rainer maria, the anniversary, saves the day. "emo."

What did you watch?: people passing by

What did you love?: talkin smack

What did you hate?: everyone

What did you drink?: orange juice

What did you smoke?: illegal things (more often than now)

What did you take?: caffeine pills

What did you want to be?: fashionista. but i was too afraid to draw attention to myself.

Who did you fight?: myself

Who/What did you believe in?: ....nothing

Where did you go?: from one corner to another

What did you learn?: being pretentious is being afraid.

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