Who Are You?: Ross Em

Where Are You?: The West Coast of Scotland

What Are You?: I'm a mirror.

What do you make?: I make piano noises and bleat tragically.

What do you love?: I love the rain and the sun, the summer and the Winter, the darkness and the light.

What do you hate?: I hate Neds, Rock-Neds, Punk-Neds, Fashion-Punks and all other songwriters and bands.

What do you listen to?: Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston, Michael Marra, Ella Logan, SLF, Crass, Clash, Goodbye Mr McKenzie, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits.

What do you watch?: I watch my back. Also; Harry Hill, The Toxic Avenger, Richard and Judy, TMWRNJ etc

What do you drink?: Buckfast Tonic Wine, Golden Sun, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Irn Bru

What do you smoke?: Nothing whatsoever.

What do you take?: Too much shit from people who I'd much rather... Kick in the eye

What do you believe in?: Jesus Christ, the goodness and fraternity of mankind, rock n roll.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school.

What were you?: I was a studious student in an alt-rock band.

What did you wear?: Ridiculous "Pocket Chain" to identify myself as a rocker.

What did you listen to?: Wildhearts, Backyard Babies, Ramones, Misfits.

What did you watch?: Harry Hill, Toxic Avenger, TMWRNJ

What did you love?: I loved Shona.

What did you hate?: I hated myself and my parents. Now I love both of us!

What did you drink?: Bucks Fizz, Babycham and copious amounts of Irn Bru

What did you smoke?: Nothing at all

What did you take?: FAR too much shit from people who don't care if I... Live or die...

What did you want to be?: I wanted to be the worlds fuckin greatest singer songwriter.

Who did you fight?: Ross Gilchrist. I threw him into a pile of CDs during an argument about the Insane Clown Posse (he thought they were genius...)

Who/What did you believe in?: Kurt Donald Cobain, Jesus Christ, Rock n Roll.

Where did you go?: To the tunnels, two water tunnels under a bypass where we used to hang about. We went to Saint Convals to hang about. Happy days.

What did you learn?: I learnt to truly hate someone you must truly love them/trust them first. Never trust people called Ross Gilchrist. Don't follow fashion, even if its rock/alterna fashion. Go yr own way, even if the ways long and everyone says yr a prick.

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