Who Are You?: Douglas

Where Are You?: Malmo, Sweden

What Are You?: Nice, i think. Sometimes not, of course.

What do you make?: *Music, by myself and together with others. *Pasta, most of the time by myself. *Love, with my girlfriend.

What do you love?: Emma.

What do you hate?: Alot.

What do you listen to?: the Aphex Twin, Burt Bacharach, Madonna, the van Pelt, Yes, Joni Mitchell, testbild!, Jim O'Rourke, Chick Corea, Le Bombe, Squarepusher...

What do you watch?: Preferably Woody Allen movies.

What do you drink?: Souther Comfort/Ginger Ale, coffe, milk, Budweiser.

What do you smoke?: Cigarettes, sometimes.

What do you take?: Pride in what i'm doing.

What do you believe in?: Being a good person.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Ystad, Sweden

What were you?: Kind of afraid to speak my mind. Kind of emo-kid.

What did you wear?: Adidas Stan Smith*'s, blue Sta-Prest pants, brown 70's jacket with Karate and the Promise Ring badges.

What did you listen to?: the Lapse, the Promise Ring, the Smiths, Red House Painters, Sunny Day Real Estate, the van Pelt, Ida, the Sea and Cake...

What did you watch?: Clerks. Daytime television.

What did you love?: My friends and music.

What did you hate?: Right wing politicians.

What did you drink?: Milk, tea, soda.

What did you smoke?: Cigarettes, quite seldom, pot, even more seldom.

What did you take?: Nothing much.

What did you want to be?: Singer in a indie rock band.

Who did you fight?: Nobody. Perhaps my parents.

Who/What did you believe in?: Noam Chomsky, Daniel Quinn.

Where did you go?: Europe, backpacking.

What did you learn?: Friends are important. Love is important. It's also difficult.

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