Who Are You?: Shy.

Where Are You?: My mum's house. That's where I live again.

What Are You?: Not what I thought I'd be.

What do you make?: People leave the library for misbehaving. Mess. Practice art because art college took it out of me and I'm trying to get it back.

What do you love?: Food, art, excitement, security, being liked, my boyfriend whose love allows me not to be insane, my family for the same reason but in a different way. Sunshine, nature, shopping.

What do you hate?: Piss takers at every level in society.

What do you listen to?: My new digital radio and my little sister's stressful music choices through the wall when I'm trying to sleep. I want to listen to more francophone music to help my language skills.

What do you watch?: Not enough films. Have you ever visited the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough? It's exactly the opposite of glamour, and doesn't show enough arty films.

What do you drink?: A wide range of things, I like to experiment.

What do you smoke?: I try not to.

What do you take?: You don't really want to know about my ailments.

What do you believe in?: Art and love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Peterborough

What were you?: Sicker than I knew.

What did you wear?: An orange velvet hat, old, cheap, badly made by myself or secondhand clothes. I really liked them.

What did you listen to?: My best friend's supeior music collection. That was the year K.C. did himself in which really upset me. Witness our annotated cassette sleeve notes.

What did you watch?: Neighbours, The Clangers and the Magic Roundabout at home during school lunch.

What did you love?: Surrealism and Pop Art.

What did you hate?: Myself, capitalism, man's inhumanity to man etc. My friend's evil parents.

What did you drink?: Whatever. David had to get it because he had a big beard and looked oldest.

What did you smoke?: Other people's.

What did you take?: Less prescription drugs than nowadays, which is a bit worrying. I loved the idea of LSD but was too scared to do it.

What did you want to be?: Liked and admired for my brains, artistic talent and exqusite taste. Accepted by God on the Day of Judgement, which was horribly imminemt.

Who did you fight?: I was the worst ever revolutionary.

Who/What did you believe in?: Saint John's version of future events.

Where did you go?: Kettering

What did you learn?: Enough for some good GCSE results, but school doesn't teach you how to undestand life. That came later.

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