Who Are You?: clinton

Where Are You?: montreal

What Are You?: student/attempted writer

What do you make?: blatant observations

What do you love?: anything that makes me think

What do you hate?: anything that makes me cringe

What do you listen to?: at the moment, massive attack

What do you watch?: little. except maybe the office.

What do you drink?: too much.

What do you smoke?: nada.

What do you take?: nothing (at the moment).

What do you believe in?: nothing. everything.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: edmonton

What were you?: student/failed writer

What did you wear?: black

What did you listen to?: the cure, non-stop

What did you watch?: queer as folk

What did you love?: not a whole lot

What did you hate?: everything i didn't love

What did you drink?: vodka

What did you smoke?: nada

What did you take?: depended on my mood

What did you want to be?: a director

Who did you fight?: anyone who stood in my way.

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing.

Where did you go?: away.

What did you learn?: almost everything.

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