Who Are You?: frankie "anchors"

Where Are You?: manhattan, ny

What Are You?: a stubborn pouty potty-mouthed girl.

What do you make?: shrines, paintings, childrens books, guitar noise, conniption fits...

What do you love?: my family, other select people, art brut, sleepy time tea, clonky shoes, tights, sleepy eyes, smudged eyeliner, comfy sweaters, musty books, my guitar, the rock and roll...

What do you hate?: white chocolate, undersea creatures, eggplant, dentists, ignorance...

What do you listen to?: tom waits. prince. the cure. richard hell. pixies. murder city devils. bad wizard. johnny thunders. high on fire. hanoi rocks. my bloody valentine. jeff buckley, serge gainsbourg, john coltrane, kings of convenience, astrid hadad, gang of four...

What do you watch?: whatever's on. i like being a receptacle for crap stimuli.

What do you drink?: snapple. harvey wallbangers. soy milk w/ coffee syrup, wild turkey

What do you smoke?: camel lights (but will also smoke camel crema, or nat sherman fantasias)

What do you take?: whatever i can get.

What do you believe in?: love and genuine kindness.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: scottsdale, arizona

What were you?: a high school student and iv drug user

What did you wear?: a school uniform

What did you listen to?: same things i listen to now, really

What did you watch?: the young ones, twin peaks...

What did you love?: meth, philosophy, art class, sleeping, any boy who didnt love me back.

What did you hate?: almost everything else. (i was really lame)

What did you drink?: coffee, binaca, whatever anyone would by me

What did you smoke?: marlboro reds

What did you take?: what didnt i take?

What did you want to be?: a successful artist

Who did you fight?: my parents, the school administration, the owners of 7-11, anybody else

Who/What did you believe in?: i was a snot. i didnt believe in anything.

Where did you go?: roadtrips, subcultural dance clubs, bed

What did you learn?: everything i know now

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