Who Are You?: A sad little man

Where Are You?: Hove, UK

What Are You?: Unemployable, it would seem.

What do you make?: Music

What do you love?: My wife and my little girl who had to go live 6,000 miles away :(

What do you hate?: My inability to somehow connect and get on in life.

What do you listen to?: Unpopular music.

What do you watch?: Any old rubbish, usually of little significance.

What do you drink?: Too much lager.

What do you smoke?: Enhanced Golden Virginia

What do you take?: No pills or powders, thank you.

What do you believe in?: Love and that we are all part of everything.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Bedford, UK

What were you?: Schoolboy

What did you wear?: School uniform, sports kit or motorcycle stuff.

What did you listen to?: The sound of my own voice.

What did you watch?: My reflection in the mirror.

What did you love?: Me mainly.

What did you hate?: Smoking.

What did you drink?: Vanilla protein drinks!

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: The biscuit.

What did you want to be?: Godlike.

Who did you fight?: Nobody.

Who/What did you believe in?: Myself and tried to believe in God too. Failed by 17 though.

Where did you go?: School, the gym, band rehearsals, girlfriend's house, the pub, down to the river to row.

What did you learn?: I was soon to discover that everything I thought I knew was wrong. I learnt to close myself off emotionally.

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