Who Are You?: an English teacher struggling to find the motivation to complete my dissertation that's due in one month

Where Are You?: In a streaming sunlight lit room in Gracia, Barcelona

What Are You?: a small cog in a big online machine

What do you make?: I try to make people communicate better. On a good day, I also help make people happy.

What do you love?: Music, cats, good writing

What do you hate?: pretension without substance, hypocrisy

What do you listen to?: people, music. lots of things: new songs, old sounds, strange noises. At them moment: the finale of Peter Hammill's 'Gog'

What do you watch?: people, things. At least once a week, I sit in a big dark room with lots of other people watching other people pretend to be something they are not in order to entertain us or illustrate something they know about life.

What do you drink?: too much probably. Of everything, except water.

What do you smoke?: I only smoke when I'm on fire.

What do you take?: time to reflect...

What do you believe in?: words, hope, future...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In my bedroom

What were you?: a shy and spotty thing

What did you wear?: whatever was acceptable at the time. A red-white-and blue ski hat, for example...

What did you listen to?: I had just discovered Cog, by Peter Hammill, strangely enough (some things you can listen to all your life...

What did you watch?: A TV drama about the effects of rabies on the UK population

What did you love?: music

What did you hate?: spite and people who ridicule others for fun

What did you drink?: coca cola

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: O levels

What did you want to be?: A guitar player

Who did you fight?: myself

Who/What did you believe in?: music

Where did you go?: to college

What did you learn?: that yoiu can never learn enough

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