Who Are You?: Male, 19, half Australian

Where Are You?: Cambridge

What Are You?: Student of Law

What do you make?: Written documents

What do you love?: Food, fresh air

What do you hate?: Angry silence

What do you listen to?: Harmonious music

What do you watch?: Excellent films - The Hours, 21 Grams, Dogville

What do you drink?: Mojito

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: food

What do you believe in?: God, heaven, forgiveness

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Boarding school

What were you?: A precocious teenager

What did you wear?: Suit

What did you listen to?: Much the same as now

What did you watch?: Simpsons, crap TV

What did you love?: Life, girls

What did you hate?: Not being treated as an equal by my teachers

What did you drink?: Beer

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: food

What did you want to be?: Powerful. to do good, to change things

Who did you fight?: teachers

Who/What did you believe in?: God

Where did you go?: to town

What did you learn?: that life is fun

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