Who Are You?: Bobble Bardsley, friend, student, sometimes poet.

Where Are You?: Exactly where I want to be, although that's generally because I want to be exactly where I am.

What Are You?: Obsessive, compulsive, disordered. I feel like cheese; the holes in me are worrying.

What do you make?: Bread. Clothes which I cannot buy anywhere else, poems which I cannot read anywhere else.

What do you love?: Champagne from an ice bucket, and Elizabeth.

What do you hate?: That she's so far away, and I have no champagne.

What do you listen to?: Sometimes silence, sometimes the quiet breathing of a loved one in the night.

What do you watch?: Not a lot. The more you look at something, the less natural becomes the image that you see. I prefer to just glance.

What do you drink?: Alcohol in any form, to excess. And yes, I'm proud of it.

What do you smoke?: Other people's smoke. Just don't tell them I like it.

What do you take?: Comfort, whenever I can get it.

What do you believe in?: That great beauty lies in ugly things, and that the best is yet to come.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At home; Scunthorpe, England.

What were you?: Confused. Maturing.

What did you wear?: Jeans and t-shirt. Nice clothes but plain.

What did you listen to?: Mostly female solo artists. That's still fairly true.

What did you watch?: US sit-coms. Oh, and porn if I could get it.

What did you love?: Linda, my best friend then and now. Elizabeth wasn't until later.

What did you hate?: Being misunderstood by people who didn't know me.

What did you drink?: Alcohol whenever possible. It makes everything somehow clearer.

What did you smoke?: Nothing, they were happy days for my lungs.

What did you take?: Some chewing gum from a motorway service station. I've rarely told anyone.

What did you want to be?: A thinker... scientist or poet, it didn't matter, and still doesn't. I'm aiming to combine the two in the end.

Who did you fight?: For the first time, I fought anyone who didn't expect it. For the first time, people stopped fighting me.

Who/What did you believe in?: Falling in love with one person each year of my life.

Where did you go?: Nowhere, my journeys were all spiritual.

What did you learn?: That love is ugly, and that's okay.

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