Who Are You?: U_Cheese

Where Are You?: At work. At two PCs. In a hospital.

What Are You?: Clinically depressed and inadequately medicated. Fed up. Bored.

What do you make?: Sounds. On a PC at home. I hum to myself too and mutter.

What do you love?: Music, Food, Cinema. Being on a Greek island.

What do you hate?: Bigots. Stupidity. Inconsiderateness. Margaret Thatcher.

What do you listen to?: Everything I can.

What do you watch?: Very little TV. Cinema - Jarman, Powell, Waters, Almodovar, Egoyan.

What do you drink?: Water, beer, wine, tea, coffee, vodka, brandy...

What do you smoke?: Nothing. I'm depressed, not suicidal. Smokers are losers.

What do you take?: Antidepressants, lots of other pills for other disorders that make me even more depressed when I think about them.

What do you believe in?: On a bad day, nothing. On a good day, people.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school, hating it.

What were you?: Depressed and drugged on valium.

What did you wear?: Shitty school uniform.

What did you listen to?: Prog. Velvets. Krautrock.

What did you watch?: Anything.

What did you love?: Music, reading, masturbation.

What did you hate?: Myself.

What did you drink?: Anything, surreptitiously

What did you smoke?: Nothing. Even though I was depressed and suicidal. Smokers are losers.

What did you take?: Valium.

What did you want to be?: Dead.

Who did you fight?: Myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: That the world was going to end soon.

Where did you go?: Up my own rear-end.

What did you learn?: It was a stupid place to be.

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