Who Are You?: that girl

Where Are You?: my house

What Are You?: cold

What do you make?: noises

What do you love?: diet cherry coke

What do you hate?: school

What do you listen to?: rock n' roll

What do you watch?: strangers with candy

What do you drink?: diet cherry coke

What do you smoke?: air?

What do you take?: tons of pills for various medical conditions

What do you believe in?: showering makes you feel sleepy

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place

What were you?: thinner

What did you wear?: same stuff. i'm not really into clothes.

What did you listen to?: same stuff.

What did you watch?: same.

What did you love?: you

What did you hate?: you

What did you drink?: same

What did you smoke?: same

What did you take?: advantage

What did you want to be?: tall?

Who did you fight?: everybody.

Who/What did you believe in?: the future

Where did you go?: nowhere

What did you learn?: people suck so deal with it.

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