Who Are You?: alex sheldon, 20 years of age, the age doesn't sound weird yet

Where Are You?: at work, quebec city, archambault cds and dvds. no one's in the store, i'm behind the counter listening to the stones' sticky fingers. can't you hear me knocking ? the jester asks me, not yet mick, later, i'll be ready for it...

What Are You?: directionless person, sporadically passionate, most often cynical, sarcastic with a smile.

What do you make?: bogus music, i make hopes come true, i imagine the scenarios which will lead me to where i want to be, and that's why it's bogus.

What do you love?: sweet and warm saxophones, crying trumpets, hard-pumping guitars, heart-filled voices that raise the clouds... i love anne-louise, whatever that may mean, it takes meaning when it's written, cause it will be read. i love lunatics, and i love drifters, and i love misty days, and rainy days, and snow storms, big weeping black clouds. i love thought most of all i'm probably in love with myself, although there is no way of knowing that for sure since i cannot feel and understand all at once.

What do you hate?: illusions, the ones that are guiding my life and yours, i hate feeling that i'm not progressing, i hate others showing me the proper path by which to progress, i hate methodology classes and all they represent to this career oriented suburban community.

What do you listen to?: senseless enumeration : pink floyd, charlie mingus, john coltrane, gyorgy ligeti, arvo part, beatles, rolling stones, legitimate buisinesmen social club, television, tom waits, neil young, bowie, velvet underground, philip glass, the blues and the abstract truth by oliver nolan, countless number of 70s prog (jethro, king crimson, etc etc), led zeppelin, bob dylan, the band, van morrison, the books, broken social scene, well, that's enough, asnd it's never the same anyway

What do you watch?: the simpsons, kubrick, coppola, scorcese, woody allen, kurosawa, herzog, coen bros, vincent price movies, ed wood, sergio leone, so on and so forth

What do you drink?: anything that won'T make one go blind and that will quench a thirst, an ache, a down or a burn.

What do you smoke?: refer to the aforementionned comment

What do you take?: refer to the aforementionned comment

What do you believe in?: that anyone who isn't self-aware at every instant is an idiot, and that thus, i am an idiot. that fleeting ideas are the important ones, the ideas that repeat everyday are useless. to quote woody: "the only things that are worth learning come from the heart"

When We Were 16

Where were you?: quebec city, canada

What were you?: a less self-conscious version of what i am now, for better or for worst

What did you wear?: beat up jeans, shirts, anything that was at my disposal really

What did you listen to?: 16 = pink floyd, joints in fields, skies full of stars , limitless wonder the doors, nirvana, pearl jam, yes, genesis, led zeppelin, etc

What did you watch?: a lot of crap until i saw 2001: a space odyssey and realized something

What did you love?: the fact that i had better grades than most people, until i realized something else

What did you hate?: capitalism, not knowing why i realized something else, and i still hate capitalism

What did you drink?: large quantities of anything

What did you smoke?: see above

What did you take?: first lsd experience at 16, that made me realize that my brain wasn't that strong and that a little piece of paper was able to completely fuck me up for an extended period of time and completely loose track of was before known as rational thought.

What did you want to be?: anything but my parents

Who did you fight?: kicking rocks on the way back home

Who/What did you believe in?: karl marx, noam chomsky, roger waters, my classroom friend marc simard

Where did you go?: under bridges, in fields, in non-crowded basements

What did you learn?: that i still had i shit load to learn before i could ever have children

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