Who Are You?: Paul

Where Are You?: In bed

What Are You?: Tired, confused, worried, too nice to others.

What do you make?: some friends and hopefully fewer enemies. a pittance from working

What do you love?: Gaea, my wonderful partner, Wilmot, my slightly (but not much) less wonderful border collie.

What do you hate?: violence.

What do you listen to?: Gaea singing. radio 4

What do you watch?: the shipping going up the channel, the sky. attention span too short for t.v.

What do you drink?: the lot. not necessarily in a glass, but usually in unwise quantities.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro red. See above for idea of amount

What do you take?: the piss. frequently.

What do you believe in?: God (except we're not talking at the mo....)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Portishead

What were you?: painfully shy

What did you wear?: Black

What did you listen to?: The Orb, The KLF, New Order, Carter USM, Joy Division, The Cure, The Cult, Slim Whitman.

What did you watch?: Given the entirely unmemorable nature of T.V., I couldn't honestly say...

What did you love?: A girl called laura

What did you hate?: being sixteen when i wanted to be 17 and able to drive legally

What did you drink?: thatchers cider, Guinness,

What did you smoke?: marlboro red, decent weed, crap weed, whatever i could get in a rizla

What did you take?: hmmmmm....... everything except heroin, pretty well. The odd car...

What did you want to be?: happy

Who did you fight?: no-one, if at all possible. (pacifist tendencies etc...)

Who/What did you believe in?: enjoying myself as much as possible

Where did you go?: beach parties, the woods, The Plough Inn and The Bay Hotel.

What did you learn?: tolerance. the unwiseness of going home when brain still frying at gas mark 9.

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