Who Are You?: Thomas Chikao

Where Are You?: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What Are You?: A student in Poli Sci and graduating in a month.

What do you make?: Nothing really, I'm a bar manager if that means anything.

What do you love?: Simple shit really; Music, culture, travelling, sunrises, surfing when I can get it in, kids playing in a pile of leaves...sounds sappy I know but it's better than reality TV.

What do you hate?: People who contribute to the mass destruction of our planet by over-consuming, over-working and wasting thier money on trivial things like cell phones and PDAs.
It's kinda funny when you think about it. Most people in the advanced industrialized world spend more that half their lives working to save up enough money so they can retire when we're 65 but if we all just decided to work less and lead a simple, semi-retired life from the age of 20 we'd all be pretty happy.
Instead we seach for happiness in the mindless consumption of products that don't really make us any better off. The things that are supposed to "save time" (cell phones, computers, PDAs, etc.) actually contribute to us working more so that we can pay for these items.
Sorry I guess that's a little cynical...but do you REALLY need those new low-rise jeans from Diesel?

What do you listen to?: Rock (old and new), Alternative, 80s pop (I know that's the epitome of the consumption generation but the synthesizer was such an awesome contribution to pop music)

What do you watch?: Just sports...I guess that IS "reality TV"

What do you drink?: Lots

What do you smoke?: Lots

What do you take?: I already said I drink

What do you believe in?: Existentialism...I guess

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What were you?: A High School Student getting in trouble with the law

What did you wear?: Whatever was popular at the time...I guess that was right around the Tommy Hilfiger craze....eww, yuck!

What did you listen to?: A lot of classic rock and punk but for some weird reason, I owned a buch of hip hop cds too.

What did you watch?: Cheers (I guess that explains my love of working in a bar), Seinfeld, The Simpsons (greatest show ever - pre-1996)

What did you love?: My friends, getting into trouble or causing mischief, snowboarding, skateboarding and BMXing

What did you hate?: Posers, finks, sellouts (which I still don't really understand) and I defenitly disliked my parents but I wouldn't say I "hated" them.

What did you drink?: Budwiser (yuck) and anything we could get off our parents or older siblings...oh, and a lot of slurpees

What did you smoke?: Anything I could get my hands on...except of course crack and I never "chased the dragon" (at least not knowingly)

What did you take?: Shrooms

What did you want to be?: Don't remember...just knew I didn't want to work in a 9-5 setting or be misrable like my old man.

Who did you fight?: Yeah, all the time.

Who/What did you believe in?: I didn't have any defined beliefs, I just remember it as a really confusing time

Where did you go?: Hung out in a park (my old elementary school to be exact) and just waited around 'til we heard about some party we could crash

What did you learn?: That life is short and "the best years of my life" were really shit. Oh, and that the sum of the squares of two sides of a triangle is equal to the sqaure of the third...that's useful.

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