Who Are You?: a female

Where Are You?: Italy

What Are You?: undefined as yet

What do you make?: bread and words and photographs

What do you love?: parks, houses with lots of space and light, Greek islands, people who can put up with my quirks, men in drag

What do you hate?: the noise of traffic outside at 7 am; clutter; dust; having to clean dust; religious fanatics; fitness fanatics; mysoginists; those scary warnings on cigarette packets; not having enough money

What do you listen to?: Air, Beta Band, Velvet Underground, Pavement, Beck, Calexico, Wilco, Grandaddy, The Strokes... and I have a thing for Kylie

What do you watch?: property shows where people my age have already that much money they can relocate to four-bedroomed villas in Spain

What do you drink?: tea, milk, envy & wine

What do you smoke?: philip morris one

What do you take?: no chemicals

What do you believe in?: that it could definitely get better, but it's good enough for now

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Italy

What were you?: student

What did you wear?: horrible jeans and track-suits

What did you listen to?: Guns'n'Roses, Duran Duran, Wham!, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna...

What did you watch?: too much MTV and Japanese cartoons

What did you love?: going shopping instead of school; holidays with friends; boys who played bass in crappy bands; Britain; America.

What did you hate?: school, teachers, parents, the whole country.

What did you drink?: coke and wine nicked from my da's cellar. and horribly sweet sangria.

What did you smoke?: cigarettes and the occasional joint

What did you take?: anything that came along, but no more than twice

What did you want to be?: a groupie; failing that, a feminist writer

Who did you fight?: the law, and the law won...

Who/What did you believe in?: that it would all get much easier and more fun when I grew up

Where did you go?: bars and shopping malls

What did you learn?: that I was too naive and accomodating; that you can't always get what you want, and often, not even what you need.

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