Who Are You?: unique

Where Are You?: i am here i am here i am here

What Are You?: impermanent

What do you make?: a lot of excuses and sometimes dinner

What do you love?: the fact that i the older i get, the more inspired i become

What do you hate?: war, and sometimes myself

What do you listen to?: the sound of my upstairs neighbor playing guitar. otherwise i'm in a phase of quiet: songs:ohia, bob dylan, nina simone, gillian welch, and as always, the velvet underground

What do you watch?: the light outside my living room windows and too many simpson's re-runs

What do you drink?: green tea and vodka - um, but not together

What do you smoke?: canibus club stock, when i can afford it

What do you take?: a journal

What do you believe in?: hmmm, that'a too loaded of a question for today

When We Were 16

Where were you?: ohio

What were you?: self determined, but self conscious

What did you wear?: lots of black

What did you listen to?: rem, nin, and as always, the velvet underground

What did you watch?: the simpsons

What did you love?: thoughts of my future

What did you hate?: most of the people in my high school

What did you drink?: diet coke

What did you smoke?: marlboro lights

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: a photographer for national geographic

Who did you fight?: the power, just kidding - i've never liked confrontation

Who/What did you believe in?: i was pretty idealistic: truth, justice, but never the american way

Where did you go?: inside my head

What did you learn?: things that seemed useless at the time

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