Who Are You?: 56 year old married female

Where Are You?: Aberdeenshire

What Are You?: Local government officer, transportation

What do you make?: quilts, cards

What do you love?: walking, lemon meringue pie

What do you hate?: tripe, idle chatter

What do you listen to?: terry wogan

What do you watch?: channel 4 news

What do you drink?: portugese rose, gin and orange

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: honey

What do you believe in?: god, optimism

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Kidderminster

What were you?: pupil at kidderminster high school

What did you wear?: navy blue uniform, white blouse and tie

What did you listen to?: Joe Brown

What did you watch?: six five special

What did you love?: architecture

What did you hate?: Pat Hall

What did you drink?: cider. shandy

What did you smoke?: Peter Stuyvesen cigarettes

What did you take?: Nothing

What did you want to be?: Dress designer

Who did you fight?: Pat Hall because she did not invite me to her party

Who/What did you believe in?: god

Where did you go?: parties out in the village halls

What did you learn?: father's can be over protective when you just want to have a good time

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