Who Are You?: i am Raoul.

Where Are You?: in California.

What Are You?: bored. and boring.

What do you make?: cassette singles.

What do you love?: music, art, friends, family, and uh....love.

What do you hate?: George Bush....and hippies.

What do you listen to?: good music.

What do you watch?: the Independent Film Channel, Simpsons re-runs, NBA basketball games.

What do you drink?: water, juice, Goldschlager.

What do you smoke?: candy cigs.

What do you take?: Advil and Vivarin.

What do you believe in?: i believe in ghosts. and love.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in my skin.

What were you?: a half-empty glass.

What did you wear?: jeans, white t-shirt, cardigan sweater.

What did you listen to?: good music.

What did you watch?: MTV and Robotech.

What did you love?: my girlfriend at the time.

What did you hate?: school.

What did you drink?: water, juice, Goldschlager.

What did you smoke?: nothin'.

What did you take?: a lot of bullshit.

What did you want to be?: alive.

Who did you fight?: no one. a lot of people fought me, though.

Who/What did you believe in?: ghosts.

Where did you go?: nowhere fast.

What did you learn?: except for the practical music stuff in marching band, nothing much.

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