Who Are You?: Male, 26.

Where Are You?: Currently residing in Göteborg, Sweden.

What Are You?: Musician and student.

What do you make?: Music, sweet music and sense.

What do you love?: Me lassie and the occational drink.

What do you hate?: Mean people.

What do you listen to?: Right now I'm kicking it with Don Drummond's Jazz Ska attack.

What do you watch?: A computer screen...

What do you drink?: Coffee

What do you smoke?: I don't.

What do you take?: Nuthin'

What do you believe in?: I believe in me. And Yoko.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Uppsala, Sweden.

What were you?: Media student.

What did you wear?: Two piece suit and tie.

What did you listen to?: The Who, Jam, Small Faces etc.

What did you watch?: Girls go by.

What did you love?: Music and girls.

What did you hate?: Nazis and rockers

What did you drink?: Babycham...

What did you smoke?: B&H, Pall Mall

What did you take?: I guess I wanted to take Purple hearts and Blues, never got around to it though.

What did you want to be?: The face. Oh, and a journalist.

Who did you fight?: The rockers.

Who/What did you believe in?: Pete Townshend and Paul Weller.

Where did you go?: Out.

What did you learn?: That people are nice to you if you are nice to them. Except if your drunk.

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