Who Are You?: M. Gaetano

Where Are You?: New Haven, CT USA

What Are You?: a railroad troll.

What do you make?: ...ankles break, hearts ache and railroad passangers shake.

What do you love?: women. music. food. the city. american decadence.

What do you hate?: political complacency. american decadence.

What do you listen to?: cosmic american music, americana, ameri-indie, or, yeah, whatever. hip-hop. brit rock from the 60's & 80's. right on.

What do you watch?: city sidewalks and the people on them.

What do you drink?: whiskey. water.

What do you smoke?: (wink).

What do you take?: pills that make me happy(er?).

What do you believe in?: art as catharsis.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: The O'dub

What were you?: student. lost soul.

What did you wear?: jeans. t-shirt. baseball cap.

What did you listen to?: wu-tang, neil young, pearl jam, nirvana, metallica, notorious b.i.g., nas, sublime, a tribe called quest, de la soul, 311, etc.

What did you watch?: NFL. NCAA. hot chicks in short shorts w/ socks pulled up running around a field chasing a ball with the objective of placing said ball in a net.

What did you love?: chloe, at least i think.

What did you hate?: myself. people thinking they're above other people.

What did you drink?: water and too much soda.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: parental oversight. institutional bull sh*t.

What did you want to be?: a giant troll, haunt of the railroad.

Who did you fight?: myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: christ, but i was unsure.

Where did you go?: england, the new one.

What did you learn?: i know nothing, which is better than something.

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