Who Are You?: I am me. Clayton

Where Are You?: London, UK

What Are You?: human. male. writer. poet. musician. singer. ranter. luddite. anarchist. rioter. lover. hater. nihilist. father. despondent.

What do you make?: Music. love. books. poems. my child laugh. drunken rants at strangers.

What do you love?: my son. my girlfriend. music. reading. writing. trees. green.

What do you hate?: work. capitalism. blind optimism. jamie oliver.

What do you listen to?: they might be giants. grandaddy. devandra banhart. jolie holland. po' girl.

What do you watch?: the walls. the stars. as little television as possible.

What do you drink?: vodka. tea. vodka. water. vodka.

What do you smoke?: London Air.

What do you take?:

What do you believe in?: nothing. myself. everything. nature. buddha. (depends what day it is really)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Brisbane Australia

What were you?: A spotty school kid

What did you wear?: All white. It was a phase.

What did you listen to?: Anthrax. They Might Be Giants. Kiss. Jane's Addiction. Falling Joys. The Angels

What did you watch?: Pugwall. The Simpsons. Too much television.

What did you love?: Music. reading.

What did you hate?: Most everything else.

What did you drink?: Rum. Beer.

What did you smoke?: Camel (30 a day)

What did you take?:

What did you want to be?: Writer. Teacher.

Who did you fight?: No-one.

Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing.

Where did you go?: City.

What did you learn?: Lots. Not much at school

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