Who Are You?: A sad lonely 21 year old trying desperately to find anything out about mass observation and the way it helped documentary making in the 1930's for a re-sit to hand in this friday..

Where Are You?: In my housemates room on the Internet..

What Are You?: something like a cross between knowing what I think I am and thinking about knowing who I wanna be..

What do you make?: At the moment.. nothing.. when university starts back another film..

What do you love?: my girlfriend beck.. only she just walked out on me..

What do you hate?: Myself for being the way I am

What do you listen to?: Its hardly very eclectic taste.. Just general hardcore punk emocore stuff.. Im the breed of human brought up on the seeds of the modern music scenes..

What do you watch?: Films.. As many as I can.. TV is for people who rely upon people to feed us our nightmares and invest their working days in giving us something to be afraid of or compare our lives too..

What do you drink?: right now.. mainly milk, orange juice.. lots of water when Im working, if we were to call it work that is.

What do you smoke?: .. the dazy haze.

What do you take?: My feelings for a ride and my girlfriend for granted (again)..

What do you believe in?: That maybe one day ill find solice in whatever it is im aiming to be best at..

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Hadfield.. in the peak district outside of manchester..

What were you?: A quiet arrogant little child trying to find something up with the world so I actually could give a shit about something..

What did you wear?: kinda baggy jeans, tight tees.. converse shoes.

What did you listen to?: Punk

What did you watch?: Films.

What did you love?: The amount of parties me and friends used to have

What did you hate?: The fact that all through school no girl was never interested in me

What did you drink?: anything..

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: being young for a ride

What did you want to be?: the same as what i do wanna be now

Who did you fight?: a few people most through acts of being a drunken silly child

Who/What did you believe in?: noone.. that maybe Fate had a great deal to do with my life

Where did you go?: everywhere

What did you learn?: everything I needed to get me where i am currently.. and more so..

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