Who Are You?: Ana: He's on the computer too much.
Cristian: She's more than me.

Where Are You?: We are in sunny Brazil, in Ana's house that is right in front of the beach... Everyone is working but we're here, planning how we're going to dominate the world.

What Are You?: Tough question...

What do you make?: We made our first paper zine last week called Coquetel Molotov. It's beautiful... Has an interiew with the Magnetic Fields on it. He wrote about the music scene in Chile.

What do you love?: Ana: My daughter.
Cristian: The things I do.
Ana: Which is?
Cristian: All the things I do...

What do you hate?: Ana: I don't know...
Cristian: Not to have money to do the things I want to do.
Ana: Good answer. I hate that too.

What do you listen to?: Ana: My boyfriend whispering in my ears while he makes love to me...
Cristian: I don't have a girlfriend.
Ana: It's pure music.

What do you watch?: Ana: Too many bad bands playing here.
Cristian: People.

What do you drink?: Ana: Beer, orange juice, cachaša!
Cristian: I became addicted to Guarana.

What do you smoke?: Ana: Cigarettes mostly.
Cristian: Nada

What do you take?: Ana: A lot of shit from people
Cristian: Nada

What do you believe in?: Ana: In true love!
Cristian: There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Ana: Just got back from living my whole life in the US - so I was in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
Cristian: Fucking some girl

What were you?: Ana: Still listening to Wu Tang Clan, Naz and Outkast... Actually, I do still...
Cristian: The only guy that listened to Jesus and Mary Chain in my school.

What did you wear?: Ana: Same thing... but my long hair makes me look more like a hippie now.
Cristian: I don't want to remember.

What did you listen to?: Ana: All the stuff I stated before and Burt Bacharach!
Cristian: Stone Roses also.

What did you watch?: Ana: A lot of movies...
Cristian: Boobs

What did you love?: Ana: Pot
Cristian: The girl that never looked at me
Ana: Loser...

What did you hate?: Ana: That girl that never looked at me...
Cristian: Almost everything

What did you drink?: Ana: Beer, juice and a lot more of cachaša...
Cristian: Coffee

What did you smoke?: Ana: Cigarettes and pot
Cristian: Nadie

What did you take?: Ana: A lot of shit from people. Oh, and Benflogim
Cristian: I can't remember what pills exactly

What did you want to be?: Ana: A doctor
Cristian: Rock critic

Who did you fight?: Ana: My brother, teachers and magazines
Cristian: Priest of my catholic school

Who/What did you believe in?: Ana: That I would really become a doctor... sniff sniff
Cristian: At the time I still believe in socialism

Where did you go?: Ana: Shows!!!
Cristian: Movies

What did you learn?: Ana: There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Cristian: There is true love

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