Who Are You?: John, JB, The Fopp, Whatever I need to be sometimes.

Where Are You?: Sunny Stevenage at the moment, getting ready to cycle home

What Are You?: Dreamer, Romantic, Cynic, Scientist, questioner, scared.

What do you make?: People happy, frustrated, think, hopefully. Something out of nothing and nothing out of something

What do you love?: The sea, clouds, dolphins, wine, food, the stars, love, passion, sharing, flights of fancy

What do you hate?: injustice, tyranny, George W and his ilk, religion, not being able to be eloquent all the time, lack of empathy, people who don't try to understand, bullies

What do you listen to?: My fishtank, the birds, people, good music

What do you watch?: Time pass, things change and stay the same, Northern Exposure and Monkey Dust

What do you drink?: Anything!, as long as it's good.

What do you smoke?: Stuff

What do you take?: large pinches of salt, small steps at the moment

What do you believe in?: Things will be better eventually, always. we all have responsibilities to something

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Troon, either fishing or listening to the Jam

What were you?: Crazy

What did you wear?: Bad things, well I just wanted to be different

What did you listen to?: The Jam, Simple Minds, the usual suspects, not my parents!

What did you watch?: People, me bro suffer on the hills

What did you love?: The Jam, music, believing I could change the world one day, cycling, climbing hills

What did you hate?: bullys

What did you drink?: don't think I'd really started drinking then, so tea etc, but it wouldn't be long!

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: a wide eyed view

What did you want to be?: important

Who did you fight?: no one I just ran away or talked myself out of trouble. My parents

Who/What did you believe in?: That socialism and liberty is the only way, the world would change and I could help

Where did you go?: the hills, the beach, strange little worlds in my mind

What did you learn?: Nothing much then, but since then.....Life really is a game, enjoy

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