Who Are You?: Fitch, The Duke of Harringay, 'Sir', just some guy... a combination of all of the previous and possibly more.

Where Are You?: The Geek Lair, Exeter, in sunny Devon.

What Are You?: Unpopular. A teacher, a record label, a website, a photographer, a dreamer, an artist, a writer perhaps... just some guy.

What do you make?: Kids draw stuff they probably dont want to draw. 7" records that nobody wants to buy. Connections.

What do you love?: So many people that sometimes it scares me. Comics, art, music, words, something special. Not enough of the modern world.

What do you hate?: The way memories can creep up from nowhere and bite your head off. Too much of the modern world.

What do you listen to?: At the moment, an old Rodney Allen album, strangely enough. I was just discussing the notion of 'happy sad' with Alex, so i put it on. Most of the time, whatever is in the 'review' pile.

What do you watch?: The street from the heightened perspective of the Geek Lair window. 'Freaks and Geeks'. Kids drawing stuff they probably dont want to draw. People growing up into beautiful adults and walking out of my life.

What do you drink?: Lots of water. High 5. red tea.

What do you smoke?: Just second hand garbage, but that is bad enough.

What do you take?: As little crap as possible, i hope. Plus, at the moment, lots of paracetamol, benylin, lemsip, sudafed. though not all at once. Three 'quiet life' pills before bed every night, and 'Enervitene' energy gel when i'm on my bike; it's like rocket fuel. No caffeine any more though. It makes me ill...

What do you believe in?: I believe in the good of life.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Troon. Riding my bike up Duntoi Hill, going out to see the girls of summer.

What were you?: Not really very strong or fit. A bit clueless if truth be told (which it seldom is, of course). Young and insane.

What did you wear?: My hair too long. NHS specs. A purple school blazer with the collar turned up. A purple and gold striped tie with as small a knot as possible. Levis. White Pods with the perforated uppers (not the padded ones, oh no, not the padded ones...).

What did you listen to?: Mostly my brother's Jam records and disco on the radio despite (or because of) the fact that it was deeply unfashionable. Then The Specials, The Beat, Altered Images. Simple Minds, a lot of stuff that Mark Goodier played on his Radio Clyde show.

What did you watch?: My brother ride away from me on the hills. People ignore me. Eileen Parker from a distance.

What did you love?: Eileen Parker. The future Miss Scotland i usually allude to when discussing my childhood would actually come a year later. I also loved rinding along the backroads and lanes of the local countryside, despite the fact i could barely keep up with anyone else, and despite the fact it was invariably cold and windy. Oh, I also recall that i loved Eileen Macgowan for a month or so. What was it with the name Eileen, huh?

What did you hate?: Oh, i hated so much when i was 16, it seems pointless to focus on any one thing. I hated The World.

What did you drink?: Had they invented Isostar by 1982? If so, then that. If not, then water and tea and not much else, apart from the sequence of parties that occured around the end of 1982 when i drank pretty much anything that came to hand (it was mostly home brew beer as i recall).

What did you smoke?: Possibly second hand smoke from my dad's roll ups, but thinking about it he had probably quit by then after much harrassment from me and my mom.

What did you take?: a lot of things that werent nailed down, though i think i was just about emerging from my kleptomania phase by then. i also took a lot of shit from other kids in school, but heh, that's life for ya.

What did you want to be?: i had no idea really. lots of people told me i should be an architect so i kind of thought that too, but really? No fucking clue. I'm sure i just wanted to be liked, particularly by Eileen Parker, but then i guess a lot of people round where i was felt that way at the time.

Who did you fight?: myself and my own weaknesses mostly, but doesnt everyone?

Who/What did you believe in?: Despite myself, i think i actually did believe in some inner strength, that some kind of happiness was in there waiting to come out. But maybe that's just hindsight and retrospective wishfull thinking.

Where did you go?: For long walks on the golfcourses and the beach and for long (well they seemed long at the time) bicycle rides over hills. To my bedroom and inside my head WAY more than was healthy.

What did you learn?: At 16? It's just sneaking suspicions at 16... that what they 'teach' you in school isnt worth shit; that there will always be memories and sadness in our hearts; that you have to keep pushing, even if you're not sure where it is you are headed. That there's no point being bored.

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