Who Are You?: Emma

Where Are You?: in the room next door...

What Are You?: A 'beautiful woman'

What do you make?: ephemera

What do you love?: My life and everyone in it....

What do you hate?: My life and everyone in it....

What do you listen to?: ...at night, pipes and noises in the street. By day, my daughter, the weather, radio,traffic, dislocated voices, etc and occassionally music.

What do you watch?: anything that moves...one of my favorites are the lights that glid across the ceiling when cars drive by, late at night...

What do you drink?: alot of tea and coffee, I like water when it's crisp and cold.Milk or juice from the carton when no-ones looking.

What do you smoke?: roll ups

What do you take?: ...care

What do you believe in?: laughter and love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: mainly on trains..

What were you?: alone, dreaming..

What did you wear?: boots

What did you listen to?: anything I liked

What did you watch?: Twin Peaks

What did you love?: my boyfriend

What did you hate?: where I lived

What did you drink?: alcohol amongst other things

What did you smoke?: pipes, buckets and bongs, I pretended to inhale cigerettes, but I didn't like the tast though I was very determinded that I should for some reason.

What did you take?: liberties

What did you want to be?: outrageous

Who did you fight?: my mother

Who/What did you believe in?: a better life and sex...

Where did you go?: ...to get one or the other, preferably both...

What did you learn?: ...life is what you make it and that I love good sex.

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