Who Are You?: Karen -

Where Are You?: In the study/Spare, in Glasgow

What Are You?: I am not sleeping well and hence half jaked

What do you make?: I recently made a baby..

What do you love?: My husband and my baby

What do you hate?: Those who think they're better than others

What do you listen to?: bbc.co.uk/radio6 or channel 825 on the TV (i.e. radio 6)

What do you watch?: Channel 826

What do you drink?: Whisky! Helps me relax and sleep, of course

What do you smoke?: Nothing now that I have a wee one. In teens smoked Club (Ouch!), then B+H, then Malboro Lights

What do you take?: As much as I can get

What do you believe in?: I think I believe in the importance of selling all my old Creation/ Sarah singles and getting a bit of dosh

When We Were 16

Where were you?: East Kilbride. Living a few streets up from the Reid brothers

What were you?: Fat, spotty, ugly, no confidence; sick after lots of alcohol

What did you wear?: In 2nd hand party dress and anorak, my mother told me I looked like a retard

What did you listen to?: Banshees/Pastels/Orange Juice/ Azrec Camera/ Fire Engines/Del Amitri/ The Fall

What did you watch?: When you and your friends hung sat in someones bedroom, no-one had portables then!

What did you love?: The idea that one day I'd be famous

What did you hate?: People who thought I was an imbecile (they were right though!)

What did you drink?: Cheap white wine, Tennants, maybe even Buckfast once so often?

What did you smoke?: Nothing... No.. nO... nO...

What did you take?: The piss - I thought I knew it all

What did you want to be?: An NME Journalist

Who did you fight?: My parent!

Who/What did you believe in?: Probably nothing!

Where did you go?: Night Moves; there was a place above the Glasgow apollo where I saw the fall; the Griffen

What did you learn?: That a good life isnt handed to you on a plate - you gotta work for it babe...

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