Who Are You?: shirley beans

Where Are You?: back at home in nyc

What Are You?: frightened by boys and a tv producer.

What do you make?: things that give me 15 minutes of fame

What do you love?: being in love, i guess, but it seems to happen quite rarely

What do you hate?: never feeling satisfied

What do you listen to?: 80s uk pop, especially girl pop like dolly mixture and shop assistants and the siddeleys

What do you watch?: degrassi and my so called life

What do you drink?: margaritas, extra salt

What do you smoke?: whatever will make me fit in at the party

What do you take?: free food

What do you believe in?: hmmmmm, ummmm, errrr

When We Were 16

Where were you?: a student at yeshivah of flatbush school for repressed jewish youth in brooklyn

What were you?: outkast, diy poster girl

What did you wear?: long skirts and other things that fit into the jewish school dress code

What did you listen to?: pretty good stuff actually. i was a full blown indiepop kid by 16.

What did you watch?: the interior of the bathroom stall during lunchtime

What did you love?: america online

What did you hate?: my life

What did you drink?: my first indie friend bought me some drinks at my first concert- belle and sebastian. god bless.

What did you smoke?: not til college, yo

What did you take?: shit

What did you want to be?: indie cool queen, not single ugly loser jewish girl

Who did you fight?: my mom. literally! she choked me against the gate by my HS trying to keep me from going to a le tigre show

Who/What did you believe in?: not much

Where did you go?: school and my bedroom, thats it

What did you learn?: theres a happier life waiting for me outside the world i knew

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