Who Are You?: Sarah Pedal

Where Are You?: Chicago, Illinois

What Are You?: A libertine poised at the edge of the cliffhanger that is my adolescence. A teenager in love.

What do you make?: I compress eighty minutes worth of mindblowing music onto flat plastic discs, place them in covers with Audrey Hepburn and elephants, and distribute them to my friends and lovers. I am almost as good at stringing words together into sentences.

What do you love?: Toronto. The Garfield Park Conservatory. Lewis Carroll's photographs. Dandies. Cooking pancakes. Dancing to soul records.

What do you hate?: Capitalists. Construction noises. Persecution complexes.

What do you listen to?: French pop, doo wop, soul, psychedelia, freakbeat, Krautrock, rockabilly, girl groups, sunshine pop, baroque pop, classic country, hard bop, C86, indie pop, sixties garage, and sixties/seventies Jamaican music.

What do you watch?: French New Wave and exploitation films. There is no beautiful scenery in Chicago.

What do you drink?: Orange juice, soy milk, and green tea with milk and honey.

What do you smoke?: Filtered Gitane Brunes or hand-rolled Gauloises.

What do you take?: One tablet of Vitamin C every day.

What do you believe in?: Oscar Wilde.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Woodstock, Illinois.

What were you?: Living in a fantasy world.

What did you wear?: Ill-fitting jeans, boys' T-shirts, and brown Dr. Martens.

What did you listen to?: Britpop, American indie rock, C86, and wimpy neo-folk.

What did you watch?: Scores of people who seemed better put together than I was.

What did you love?: I was an Anglophile.

What did you hate?: My life.

What did you drink?: Lots of dairy milk.

What did you smoke?: Nothing, God forbid.

What did you take?: Pictures of myself in the first vintage dress I ever bought.

What did you want to be?: Independent and, more importantly, an Londoner.

Who did you fight?: My parents nearly every day.

Who/What did you believe in?: Extremely foolish love.

Where did you go?: Chicago and a miserable trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

What did you learn?: It is better to face reality and be strong than to perpetuate an impossible fantasy.

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