Who Are You?: lachrymosa:a taoist/existentialist/pagan = confused, no make that very confused. a kind, eccentric mystic, a provocative vagabond, at times misanthropic and above all a bohemian. or so I tell myself 1/5 extroverted entertainer, 1/5 sensitive poetess-nymph, 1/5 earthy gypsy-woman Dionysian voluptuary, 1/5 dark/neurotic/brooding intellectual philosopher, 1/10 procrastinator, 1/20 silly-sweet ingenue, 1/20 activist-tree hugger, veggie extremist, 1/20 anarchist, 1/20 communist, 1/20 kitty and 1/20 totally and unapologetically bonkers

Where Are You?: The city of love (philo) for your brother (delphia). Oh yes, and they're not bluffing either, we have about a 5 block radius of pure brotherly love, I'm not bluffing either

What Are You?: Strange Creature with a vulva...student and actress/artist by trade

What do you make?: love, fine art, poetry, plays, random prose, craft, music

What do you love?: young handsome english/philosphy/art professors the senses

What do you hate?: empty people, empty lives, jennifer lopez...and her consecutive marriage proposals made it SO much worse

What do you listen to?: interpol, the killers, fiona apple, dead can dance, b.t, juno reactor, elliot smith, rufus wainwright, echo and the bunnymen, the cure, pink floyd, mozart, yann tierson, berlioz, kronos quartet

What do you watch?: masterpiece theater, the occasional seinfeld, some good stuff on tcm or whyy

What do you drink?: Absinthe: I can dream....oh how i love my ale and wine

What do you smoke?: :) mary jane comes to visit once a week, she;s very nice

What do you take?: anything but bullshit

What do you believe in?: nothing, everything

When We Were 16

Where were you?: moving out of my house for the umpthteenth time

What were you?: self-proclaimed aesthete

What did you wear?: velvet, floral, black, amazonian handcuffs, heels

What did you listen to?: amelie soundtrack over and over again

What did you watch?: nothing on the tele

What did you love?: amelie and getting drunk

What did you hate?: high school with a passion

What did you drink?: everything

What did you smoke?: pristine as could be expected -ciggies clandestine- oh I couldn't tell you that

What did you take?: prozac and risperdal

What did you want to be?: myself

Who did you fight?:

Who/What did you believe in?: at 14, worshipped ayn rand...but i ran from the cult with my emotions still somewhat intact

Where did you go?: the library, a lot

What did you learn?:

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