Who Are You?: I'm kathy, same as I ever was

Where Are You?: New Haven, Connecticut, and I'm not the only one, it seems

What Are You?: a person - other than that I'm not sure

What do you make?: things happen around here, my friends feel loved, songs, stories, paintings, dinner, messes, commitments.

What do you love?: life, and getting to be alive, and seeing others living

What do you hate?: can't be bothered to hate, it's too draining

What do you listen to?: television personalities

What do you watch?: the stream flowing along

What do you drink?: cider from a friend's farm

What do you smoke?: produce from a friend's farm

What do you take?: time, sometimes too much time

What do you believe in?: love, now even more than ever

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Yokohama, Japan

What were you?: an exchange student in a Catholic girls' school in Japan.

What did you wear?: A little sailor-girl uniform, like most Japanese schoolgirls

What did you listen to?: Sun Ra

What did you watch?: Japanese TV

What did you love?: almost everything

What did you hate?: I was in denial about it but I hated some people I loved.

What did you drink?: Singapore Slings at fancy hotel bars - and got away with it! Sweet liquors after a dinner with some classmates - and got caught!

What did you smoke?: in Japan? are you kidding?

What did you take?: trains

What did you want to be?: a poet

Who did you fight?: nobody

Who/What did you believe in?: not sure.

Where did you go?: Shinjuku, Harajuku, Kyushu, Hiroshima. In Hiroshima I saw little kids' lunchboxes that had melted to lumps during the a-bomb blast.

What did you learn?: Zen masters were wry, intelligent, regular people who didn't wear golden robes.

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