Who Are You?: Richard*

Where Are You?: Ireland/Limbo

What Are You?: Writer/Programmer/music lover/espresso junky/designer/ mover&shaker/candlestick maker

What do you make?: words*music*sadness*love*electric streams of ones and zeros dance like circus animals

What do you love?: riding my bike on a cold, bright, seebreath day. hearing a band live that make me forget that i am herded like cattle into a dank room. A sideward smile from my girl.

What do you hate?: *to numerous and complex for this forum

What do you listen to?: *at the moment* b&s, the clientele, joy division, GY!BE, boards of canada, colleen, the legends, suburban kids..., devendra, gravenhurst, le futur pompiste, aisler set...the list goes on

What do you watch?: the simpsons, curb your enthus, fans only, fellini, wong kar wai, ghostworld, wes anderson,

What do you drink?: hoegaarden, red wine, hot toddy, guinness

What do you smoke?: fresh air

What do you take?: illy

What do you believe in?:

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Ireland

What were you?: Aspiring many things/sulky/guitar player

What did you wear?: heart on my sleeve/ baggy clothes

What did you listen to?: belle and sebastian / radiohead / nirvana

What did you watch?: Anything at the local indie cinema.

What did you love?: myself

What did you hate?: everything else

What did you drink?: anything i could get my hands on

What did you smoke?: same

What did you take?: not much

What did you want to be?: a writer/musican

Who did you fight?: anyone who didnt read the guardian

Who/What did you believe in?: not sure

Where did you go?: backpacked in europe

What did you learn?: to be mild and not give a shit

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