Who Are You?: isabelle.

Where Are You?: i'm in my parents house. its in the countryside, and its cold, and very dark.

What Are You?: b o r e d with everything right now. i guess im also quite horrible.

What do you make?: fanzines and tapes and knitted things. girl things. stories or words. comics? soon. polaroid things.

What do you love?: the ronettes and my mother and knitting because they all make me so happy. i love writing letters, and spying on people, and books. vegan cookbooks, libraries, TYPEWRITERS!!! sylvia plath. vinyl....sigh..

What do you hate?: sexism, milk. i HATE milk.

What do you listen to?: ronettes, shangri-las, beach boys, erase errata, bikini kill, supremes, the velvet underground, the third sex, nico, buddy holly, N.O.U.

What do you watch?: television? neighbours. film? wish you were here, ghost world, welcome to the dollhouse, edward scissorhands, beetlejuice, heathers, heavenly creatures, the virgin suicides, if these walls could talk two, the breakfast club, pretty in pink,blah blah blah.

What do you drink?: ribena, though i shouldn't. pink lemonade & tea.

What do you smoke?: the occasional cigarette, purely for stylistic reasons.

What do you take?: sylvia plath books to the library.

What do you believe in?: realism. nu art. dreams &ghosts. the comic book nerd.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: still in my parents house, finishing school i guess.

What were you?: living the life of winona ryder in beetlejuice, probably. it was a dark period. my whole lifes a dark room etc. etc.

What did you wear?: black, i guess mostly. but i wasn't a goth. i wasn't aware of the colour of my clothes, i can't even remember that, my mother just told me.

What did you listen to?: kenickie. (how gothic! ha) blur, i suspect. elastica &sleeper, hole, lush etc. all the britpop stuff, despiteit being well& truly OVER when i was 16!

What did you watch?: tim burton films.

What did you love?: i didn't really love anything. i was too sad. which in turn is sad now. oh, except for my diary.

What did you hate?: everything and everyone. i guess school the most.

What did you drink?: ribena.

What did you smoke?: cigarettes a bit, at school, because its OH SO rebellious.

What did you take?: anti-depressants

What did you want to be?: dead

Who did you fight?: everyone who loved me. actually i got into quite a lot of physical fights at school including throwing chairs at girls!

Who/What did you believe in?: im not sure. this is hard!

Where did you go?: i went nowhere when i was sixteen. but i went somewhere when i was seventeen.

What did you learn?: that living is more important than dying, and that i was too young to go through everything i did, and that im so glad i didn't die.

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