Who Are You?: Yannick

Where Are You?: Edinburgh

What Are You?: a boy who can't say slow

What do you make?: beautiful music and friends

What do you love?: beautiful music and friends and lovers

What do you hate?: locked money bags and suits

What do you listen to?: Bendy Toy , Interpol, Underworld, Cat Power, Mclusky, Neil Young, Franz Ferdinand, Johnny Cash, Cornelius

What do you watch?: Pissed on the Job, Spaced, Monkey Dust, Little Britain, Nip and Tuck.

What do you drink?: Slippery Nipple (pints)

What do you smoke?: don't do it

What do you take?: disco biscuits at bedtime, valium at breakfast

What do you believe in?: the implicit good and bad in every situation and being

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Paris

What were you?: schoolboy who couldn't say slow

What did you wear?: flared denims, tight at the balls, pull-overs with stars on the chest and rings on the left sleeve, luminous socks.

What did you listen to?: echo and the bunnymen, the jam, pistols, wire, joy division, neil young, television

What did you watch?: fawlty towers, man alive, spaghetti westerns, kojak

What did you love?: lorraine, ruth, masturbation, the smell and feel of guitars and amplifiers( better than any motor vehicle ever invented)

What did you hate?: nazis and thatcher(the champagne is cooling ready to be popped before the hags body has even cooled)

What did you drink?: ginger ale bottles filled with whisky, martini gin and anything else at hand when my parents weren't watching... cresta...it's frothy man

What did you smoke?: weed... stupid fuck

What did you take?: cough medcine ... stupider fuck

What did you want to be?: the musician I someday became

Who did you fight?: a kid who stole my bike when I did my paper round

Who/What did you believe in?: Benn for ten... said it all.

Where did you go?: to the woods to empty the ginger ale bottle and touch girls.

What did you learn?: to ask, before its too late

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